GARDOF Ltd is a private company based in Tallinn, Estonia and Vancouver, Canada, which produces detailed plans and DIY instructions for compact buildings.

GARDOF has created products with the goal that most of customers could use our products as a garden office, gym, craft studio or just a quiet place to relax, regardless of the season or weather. GARDOF products have been designed with a conscious effort to reduce waste during construction. This attention to detail is driven right from the design stage.Each element of the design has been filtered through our highly experienced team to minimize material wastage.
GARDOF background in engineering and home building (spanning 30 years), is the key to the simplistic design.

The team and partners have been carefully selected over the last two years based on their skills and qualifications. The team is strategically located in key cities around the globe with a reach from Australia to North America. As the business is registered in Estonia, we are also well positioned to tackle the European market.

Token Economics

Gardof Token (GARDOF) is a native currency for GARDOF Ltd.
It is released on Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20) and traded on UniSwap.

Total Supply                    10,000,000
Circulation Supply          4,000,000

k = x * y

k = constant
x = # of tokens
y = value of the liquidity pool

Token price (p)
p = y / x

Token Usage Guidelines

With Gardof Token (GARDOF) you will be able to buy GARDOF DIY plans at a discounted rate.

The value of the Gardof Token (GARDOF) will rise with the growth of the company. So, you can either hold GARDOF in a digital wallet, spend it on our products or exchange it to your local currency.


The next step on this interesting digital journey is to create a series of unique NFT’s.
As the tech team has already generated over 200 digital products, we are only steps away from making this part of our plan a reality.

Once the NFT’s have been minted, GARDOF can sell these for use in the Metaverse.

As the growing trend of digital real estate ownership increases, we intend to be at the forefront of the digital construction industry. As unusual as this might sound, there is a rapidly growing market for digital homes.


Ken Valler

Kristi Viisimaa
Peter Stewart
Cindy Valler

Mart Valler